City Moves Forward with the Thomas Wolfe Site Development RFQ

It is impossible to relate how excited we are that the City is implementing a call for qualifications for Architects and Landscape Architects! By this process funds can be allocated to completely restore the cabins and possibly create a writer's conference center where authors can get together to improve their craft in the very spot Tom Wolfe wrote. I was very happy that the City and PSABC approved my site plan ideas as part of the request. The process is to begin in December which is much faster than we all ad envisioned. Thanks to David Nutter and Jack Thomson for initiating this process.

The City has completed the demolition of the unwanted basement using its heavy equipment and is currently adding additional bracing needed to protect the structure until the floor system can be replaced. This site should become a part of our nation's Landmark Designations and may someday attract some of our finest literary talent to our city. If additional log cabins and the pavilion are built the site can multifuntion with the day camps that surround it to give our youth many good experiences. Keeping fingers crossed!!!!

We are Underway

The Journeymen, volunteer students from Christ School under the supervision of Ben Dowling, and Cynthia who is Gala Board member of PSABC went to the cabin site with shovels, weed eaters, and other implements of construction and cleaned up around the cabin. I tackled some poison ivy and remove great quantities of vines growing up trees with only a few welts to show for it. The new road/ driveway the City improved is great and we will be checking to see if trolleys can navigate it up the hill to this beautiful site.

Meeting with Parks and Recreation

Yesterday Jack Thomson and I met with the City to plan out the scope of work in this phase. It appears we may get permission from them to submit a proposal to the Historic Resources Commission. Once the details are worked out I hope to get a building permit or a small works approval so we may begin construction. My boss from years ago said he "liked to see the chips fly" and indeed it seems to be happening!

MOU submitted to Preservation Society to stop additional Water Damage

We now have the City's proposal to allow us to start working on the Wolfe Cabin and are we ever excited! Now I must put together all of our notes, plans and ideas together,request further input from local architects, have this compilation prepared for approval from the Board. Jack is initiating fund raising but we do have enough money to complete the first phase. So many details!

No word on MOU or a seperate request to meet with Parks and Recreation

It is very disappointing that we have not heard anything from the City regarding our request to stop the water damage to the Wolfe Cabin. Our proposal is simply to add gutters and dehumidifiers as a first line of defense to preserve the basic structure which is in an ongoing process of dry rotting. As the ward of the property the City has itself has deemed the Wolfe Cabin to be historic and worthy of preservation it is unclear why they are uncooperative when PSABC has proposed and offered to pay for the remedial work. We have not given up, however; for we will proceed to act for the citizens of Asheville in protecting their literary heritage.

Falling apart at a touch...

Today I met Brian Sineath of Sineath Construction at the cabin to get a cost estimate for demolition and rebuilding of the logs. It was quickly apparent that there is more damage to the sleeping porch than originally thought and the repairs and reconstruction will probably be not worth the expense being the sleeping porch was a later addition. In the picture you can see the log is crumbling in my hand.